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Who’s your top Spotify artist?

Changes weekly, or even daily. But currently, Charlie Puth.

In an apocalypse situation, what’s your weapon of choice?

A katana. Slice and dice like Michonne from The Walking Dead.

To cha cha slide? Or not to cha cha slide?

Not. I’ve seen it so much. However if you like it, I like it.

Favorite thing to do on your days off?

Go out to eat.

How do you prepare for your days on?

Review all correspondence from client, their online planner. Listen to their music.

What’s something you wish people understood about you?

That I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

Favorite curse word?

I don’t really cuss.

What’s your coffee order?

Pumpkin Spice Lattes as of about a week or so ago.

Celebrity crush?

Anna Kendrick. My "dude crush" is Mark Wahlberg.

What’s your favorite enhancement that we have?

The welcome champagne bookshelf.

First concert you ever went to?

Boyz II Men.

The most recent movie you saw in theaters?

Top Gun Maverick. 5 times.

Dream vacation?

A beach, the ocean, all-inclusive.

What does perfect weather look like to you?

Sweatshirt, shorts, and Crocs.

If you could learn any instrument, what would you play?

The drums!

What controversial opinion do you stand by?

Ketchup goes on everything.

A holiday tradition you love?

Christmas goes up after Thanksgiving.

What subject could you give an entire TEDTalk on?

Wedding DJing.

And what’s the thesis statement?

How to have your clients and guests love you.

What’s your comfort show?

American Idol and The Voice.

Would you rather have more time or more money?

More money. Money can buy more time.

Manicures or massages?

Since I’ve never had a massage… manicures!

Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds. I'm about cut, clarity, and color.

Describe your fashion sense in a word.


Wake up at 4am or go to sleep at 4am?


Best snack food?

Hoody’s 44oz Peanut and Chocolate Mix from Costco. Or chips and salsa/guac.

Wine, beer, or spirits?

None. Everyone who knows me knows I love a good Sprite.

City, mountains, or beach?


What’s a song you have the most vivid memories associated with?

September by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

What makes your job fun?

Being able to celebrate with my clients and help make their wedding vision come to life through music.

What makes your job annoying?

Not being able to play September!

What’s on your lock screen?


If time travel were possible, would you go forwards or backwards?

Forwards. If you go backwards, you could mess with the space-time continuum and alter the current present reality.

Most frequently used life hack?

Cupcake sandwich! You take the stem and put it on top.

What languages do you speak?

English and Vietnamese (not that it benefits me unless I'm in the nail salon).

A special thank you to Victoria and Sean Van Eck for allowing us to record on their big day.

Images courtesy of Cling + Peck and Photography By Lauryn