The New Year is upon us, and so are the newest & hottest trends for 2022! From themed weddings to vibrant florals & sustainable decor, we discuss what we predict what will be in – and what will be out – for 2022. Read along to see how you can add some extra flare to your wedding with some of this years biggest trends!

What’s In


Themed Weddings

It’s been a long past two years, so spice up your big day for your guests with a fun theme! Some popular themes for 2022 are Disco Night, Old Hollywood, Monte Cristo, and 70’s Style fashion (upcycling & statement pieces). Encourage & invite your guests to pull out all the stops with their looks—head to toe. An entire concept from start to finish!

Weekday Weddings

Why limit your celebration to just one day? Consider having your wedding on a Thursday so you can spend the rest of the weekend with your guests! We predict Thursday weddings becoming a hit in 2022. Not only will you save money on your venue rental, but you will also get to make the most out of visiting with your guests, especially if they are from out of town. Ask us about our Thursday rates!

Segmented Music

Segmenting your music during your wedding is popular for 2022. Create a fun environment during every part of your wedding to provide your guests with a variety of musical styles! Another fun addition we expect to see at weddings are accent walls. Whether it’s your grand entrance backdrop or the scene behind the band, these are the perfect places to bring in your signature wedding colors. 

Color Schemes

Monochromatic color pallets will be the biggest color trends for this year! Monochromatic pallets focus on one color in a variety of shades & tones to include in every aspect of your day. From florals & linens to decor & invitations, monochrome weddings are going to make a big splash in 2022! Some of the monochrome pallets we expect to see are beige, blush, terracotta, pink, black and white. These pallets include many natural hues that can be included in fun ways throughout your entire day. We also expect to see silver touches added into monochrome pallets more so than gold. Silver has the ability to add some old-world charm to any modern space.

Technicolor Dreams

Monochrome pallets not for you? Celebrate your love in technicolor instead! We predict that coral, electric blues, fuchsia, and vibrant marigolds are some of the impactful colors we’ll see in everything from florals & dress wear to stationary & decor. Why not brighten up your wedding with some bold accents?


We expect to see lots of floral alternatives in 2022! With the floral shortage we are currently experiencing, we find that couples are creating their own floral arrangements. Dried florals & pompous grass mixed with fresh flowers and greenery will be popular options for this year. Hanging floral arrangements are also expected to be a hit this year. Imagine large, beautiful hanging floral installations above the tables for you and your guests to enjoy during dinner. In addition to real floral arrangements, we expect to see a lot of sustainable decor such as plant/succulent favors and eco-friendly centerpieces & place cards. 

Virtual Save the Dates & Invitations

Something that became popular over the past two years are virtual save the dates and wedding invitations, and we plan to continue to see them be popular through 2022! No more waiting for your out of town guests to mail their RSVPs in a timely manner. You can now check your guest list right online through a variety of sites. Greenvelope, Paperless Post,  and With Joy are just a few that we have seen become popular. Virtual invitations also help to cut down on paper usage & cost since you won’t have to worry about mailing, printing, or stationary!

Multiple & Specialty Bars

After being separated from one another for so long, what better way to reconnect with loved ones than over a cocktail? Specialty bars were gaining popularity pre-lockdown, and we are so excited to have them back! Wow your guests with a specialty bar – such as an After Dinner Whiskey Bar – or a unique specialty cocktail crafted by The Bar! Having a rehearsal? Ask our team about a welcome cocktail for your guests at your rehearsal! 

What’s Out


Family Style Meals

Treat your guests to an elegant, formal dinner that they select and is plated! We plan to see a variety of pre-plated meals accompanied by personal salads & bread for your guests to enjoy while waiting for you to make your grand entrance! Talk with your caterer about how you can create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests to talk about for years to come.

Large/excessive favors

As we move towards a more sustainable future, we notice that couples are now offering simple yet thoughtful favors for their guests (that don’t break the bank!). A “nod” to the venue (such as custom stickers) or donating to a favorite charity in lieu of favors can help create a personal touch for your guests to remember for years to come (while they don’t have to travel home with a bunch of stuff).