We are so excited to feature the husband-wife team of Cling & Peck Photography for this week’s Vendor Spotlight! Daniel and Erin have been in the business for seven years now!


It’s crazy that it’s been that long. We’ve had the privilege of being a part of well over 250 weddings now… and still love every second of it!

How Did You Get Started?

We bought cameras as what we thought would be a hobby. Turns out we were wrong. In college, some friends were getting married on a shoestring budget and thought that since we had just purchased “nice cameras” we should take the photos!

What Makes Your Work Distinct?

clingpeck3.jpgWe love making natural looking portraits that aren’t overly posed along with capturing moments as the happen and not interfering with them. Our work really strives to capture the real human interactions and not fake ones.

What’s Your Favorite Part of a Wedding Day?

We definitely love first looks the most. It’s such a special intimate time between the couple. Being able to capture the emotions that come out as a realization that they’re going to get married is such an honor.

clingpeck6.jpgIt’s literally our most favorite thing. We do understand not doing it; and we’ll totally photograph couples that don’t do them. But if you look into the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding, it stems from way back when most marriages were arranged; people didn’t want either party to run away before getting married!

What’s Your Favorite Time of Year to Shoot?

Depends on where in the country we’re shooting! But in Illinois, it’s hard to beat September. The colors are great and the light from the sun is starting to become slightly less harsh.

Do You Follow a Shot List?

We definitely use a shortlist for formal portraits and groups of friends/family. However we don’t use a list for the rest of the day. After you’ve shot so many weddings, using a list actually slows you down in the day. You spend more time looking at a list instead of looking for candid moments that are happening.

Why Do You Like Working With The Haight?

It has so much neat history and character! All of the old wooden features are wonderful. The whole team is fantastic as well; always so professional and a joy to work with. It’s also five minutes from our house so the commute is nice.

What Advice Do You Have for Newly Engaged Couples?

Don’t put off getting married. Do pre-marriage counseling. Set a budget for your wedding and do your best to stick to it. Compromise; nothing is worth getting into a huge fight with your family or fiancé regarding wedding planning. Prioritize your wants for your wedding and then allocate money accordingly; whatever is your most important item is what you should spend the most on. Pick vendors that you gel with as well as enjoy their work.