The Meeting

Stephanie and Lindsey, though aware of each other as early as 2015, weren’t formally introduced until September of 2018 by their then significant others.

Steph [was interested first]! In true Aries fashion she bluntly, out of nowhere, asked if she was my type and if she had a shot as I was minding my own business browsing a clothes rack at Tilly’s.

The First Date

As I am a Concept Artist in the Video Game industry and also a cheap dinner date, Steph abandoned her loyalty to her Italian roots and planned for us to go to Olive Garden, followed by a hometown arcade date at Enchanted Castle. To cap the night, we took our 4973405983 tickets, bought two Mystery flavored Ring Pops and ate them in the parking lot.

The Moment

Steph is always so sure of everything, so she says that it was no doubt, Day 1 for her! I think realistically we both just let the relationship take its course. There was no one specific moment, just a natural feeling of “yeah, I could easily do this forever.”

The Quirks

[The quirkiest thing about us is] probably that we sing everything, like, everything. Serious arguments? Song. Expressing canceling plans? Pitch it to me in a song. Easiest way to get one another to stop being mad? Sing about it. And not well, might I add.

That, or that we are FLOOR PEOPLE. Taking WFH work breaks? Starfish it out on the floor. Hungover? Lay on the floor. Not enough seats at someone’s house? Don’t worry, not embarrassed, we’ll take the floor.

The Song

[Our shared song is] Purple by the Hollow Coves, even though it wasn’t our first dance song, or incorporated into our wedding celebration. That day (though absolutely lovely and so beautiful), we were totally out of our element! We’re naturally kind of private people when it comes to our relationship, so we kept Purple for ourselves that day, as it’s our soak in the moment, hands held in the car, quiet drive, sunset song.

The Proposal

It was the day before Valentine’s Day and the plan was to go out to my favorite Mexican restaurant and then back to one of the first hotels we ever stayed at together.  Steph went in to “check in” while I waited in the car, getting increasingly h a n g r y that we were late for our reservations. She came back and told me that she was “having issues” checking in and that we should just go upstairs to “drop our stuff off really quick and make sure the room is all good.” When we got up there she was being really weird and being SUPER slow getting to the room – in hindsight it was nerves, but I was sassy and didn’t know and we were late for our enchiladas, damnit!

When we got to the room I knew something was up because she started being frantic and telling me to close my eyes as she guided me with her hands into the room. When I opened my eyes “Will you marry me” was spelled out, decorated by a bunch of Valentine’s Day colored balloons, red roses, diet cokes – an inside joke because we’re not often big drinkers – and Steph down on one knee.

The Wedding Day

Stephanie and Lindsey celebrated their wedding with us on March 4, 2022.

[Our favorite part of the day was] easily the reception! Having all the people you love in one room, having a great time, and celebrating your love with you is one of the best feelings.

If I could pick a second, it would be seeing all the hard work that we poured into the design/moody aesthetic come together that day. It’s rare your vision comes to life perfectly and we had not one regret.

The Venue

[We chose The Haight because] It was the most inclusive, welcoming venue we had toured that also just happened to aesthetically fit our vibe perfectly. As a lesbian couple, it was important that our venue felt like a welcoming and non judgmental space – The Haight was that for us.

The Advice

It’s cliche, but the wedding day (ceremony through end of reception) goes by in what seems like 30 minutes. So all the common worries, anxiety, family feuds, uncooperative people, or things along the engagement journey that seem so big pale in comparison to what actually happens the day of. My advice would be to soak up any minutes you can one on one with your person and above all else, make it a good time regardless of the external BS day of or newly wedding planning.

The Marriage

Honestly, it’s a lot less stressful. No wedding planning, no stress, a beautiful higher level of commitment, and just new life adventures together!

The Shoutouts

Day of Coordinator: Brittany Jadwin from Plum & Ivy
Caterer: Jessie Rewers from Elegante Cuisine
Florals: Two Sisters
Sweets: Sugar Fixe Patisserie, Stan’s Donuts, Elegante Cuisine
Photographer: Kassidy Ilayne Studios
DJ: Rob Monastero

The Attire

Lindsey got her dress and veil from Wosfelt’s Bridal in Aurora.

The tuxedos were from SuitShop in Chicago.

The Bridesmaid dresses were from Birdy Grey.

The Vendors