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Who’s your top Spotify artist?

Taylor Swift, probably. Or Harry Styles.

In an apocalypse situation, what’s your weapon of choice?

Ummm hot coffee? I would probably die first.

To cha cha slide? Or not to cha cha slide?

Nah, not my thing.

Favorite thing to do on your days off?

Well, I have three kids, so I hang out with them. Love to travel. Also I knit.

How do you prepare for your days on?

So many things. Charge all my batteries, make sure all my equipment is ready, clear my cards, get some sleep I hope. I also love to have a good latte and happy playlist on the way.

What’s something you wish people understood about you?

I honestly care about my clients and want their wedding day to be everything they hoped it would be. Which is why at my last wedding, I fixed a broken button on the bride’s dress and make sure they had drinks at cocktail hour while we were doing family portraits. Because I might be a photographer, but I really want their whole day to be great, not just the photos.

Favorite curse word?

I can’t say it anymore because I have kids… so I guess “ah darn.”

What’s your coffee order?

Oatmilk latte with a splash of flavor. Love a good latte.

Celebrity crush?

I don't care about celebrities that much. But I would really love to do photography for a singer/band's album sometime. I think that would be a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite enhancement that we have?

The getting ready room was super exciting for me - I love that natural light. But I also love shooting under the hanging lights for the first dance, and of course that patio.

First concert you ever went to?

I don’t remember, but my first Broadway was Les Mis and that I remember.

The most recent movie you saw in theaters?

Death on the Nile. It was pretty good! I don’t go to theaters much these days.

Dream vacation?

Anywhere new, preferably out of the country, with beautiful scenery and not a typical tourist destination. Europe is usually my favorite.

What does perfect weather look like to you?

Well speaking as a photographer, a bright overcast day until the hour before sunset when the sun bursts through with glorious orange hues. Also like 65 degrees and a cool breeze.

If you could learn any instrument, what would you play?

Probably guitar or piano.

What controversial opinion do you stand by?

I don’t really like PSL, even though I love pumpkin.

A holiday tradition you love?

I love decorating Christmas cookies.

What subject could you give an entire TEDTalk on?

Plants! I’m pretty obsessed.

And what’s the thesis statement?

Plants thrive on the right light, a good environment, and neglect.

What’s your comfort show?

The Office, of course.

Would you rather have more time or more money?


Manicures or massages?


Diamonds or pearls?


Describe your fashion sense in a word.


Wake up at 4am or go to sleep at 4am?

Go to sleep at 4am, definitely.

Best snack food?


Wine, beer, or spirits?


City, mountains, or beach?

Depends on the time of year. So right now, mountains.

What’s a song you have the most vivid memories associated with?

Probably the first five Taylor Swift albums.

What makes your job fun?

Meeting lots of new people and being there for some of the most pivotal moments of their lives.

What makes your job annoying?

The hours and hours of editing that pile up in the fall. Also self tanner.

What’s on your lock screen?

My babies.

If time travel were possible, would you go forwards or backwards?

Suuuuuch a hard question. I think backwards.

Most frequently used life hack?

Grocery store pickup. You don't buy things you don't need, and you can shop on your phone. It's the best. Also not bringing my three year old into the store is important.

What languages do you speak?

Really bad Spanish and a bit of Italian.

All images courtesy of Mary Rose Photography.